jueves, 4 de febrero de 2016

Last week the students of 3rd Primary were working about peace. They learnt where origami comes from and also, the story of Sasako Sasaki. After that, they worked by folding paper to make paper birds (that are easier than cranes for them).


Paper folding originated in China. It was brought into Japan in the 6th century. The origami crane has become a global peace symbol. The crane is considered a sacred bird in Japan. It is said that any sick person who folds a thousand cranes will become healthy again.

A young girl called Sadako Sasaki from Hiroshima, Japan, started folding cranes when she got leukaemia. Her illness was consequence of an atomic bomb dropped in World War II. When the bomb was dropped she was 2 years old; 10 years later she died. While in hospital, she started making paper cranes to get well, but she couldn’t finish her job. Her classmates finished the thousand cranes for her. Since then, every year, thousand of cranes are placed bellow her statue in her homeland.

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